Tetra Pond Aquasafe

Mains water is the best source of water for topping up the pond and for performing water changes. Unlike rainwater, it is rich in minerals that are important for a healthy pond. However, it also contains harmful chlorine and heavy metals, which are directly harmful to fish, causing them stress and physical damage. WaterSafe neutralises these harmful elements, and protects fish whenever a top-up or water change is required. WaterSafe also protects fishes“ skin and gills with a therapeutic coating, and helps to speed up wound healing. In conjunction with MediFin, it will help to cure sick and injured fish, and improve their overall condition.

Pond Aquasafe

Tetra Watersafe 250ml Treats 5000 litres 1100 gal

MRP: £8.19Rock Bottom Price: £6.99 You save £1.20

Tetra Watersafe 500ml Treats 10000 litres 2200 gal

MRP: £13.65Rock Bottom Price: £10.99 You save £2.66

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