Reptile Vivariums and Habitats

Exo Terra - Natural Terrarium Mini/Wide

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Exo Terra - Natural Terrarium Mini/Tall

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Exo Terra - Faunarium - All Purpose Terrarium

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Vivariums or Terrariums to house your pet will be determined by the size of the reptile and its environmental needs. Housing for large reptiles can be accomplished with various types of cages. For smaller pets there are many different types of terrariums that can be set up.

The shape of the vivarium or terrarium too, must suit the needs of the pet that you will put in it. For example, a tall narrow cage with a climbing branch is needed for an arboreal or tree dwelling animal, such as a chameleon. Whereas a low, wide cage is needed for a roving terrestrial or ground dwelling animal, such as a tortoise.
The type of environment it needs will be based on how big the animal gets, how the animal lives in the wild, how it gets water, and its macro- and microclimate requirements. In other words, the captive habitat must contain the key elements of the reptile's habitat in the wild.

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