Pontec MultiClear Sets

The Pontec MultiClear 5000 and 8000 sets comprise of a Biological Filter, UV Filter, Pump and Hose. The Biological Filter is a compact flow-through system with a UVC clarifier built into the lid for eliminating suspended algae. The multi chamber filter has 4 different filter medias (Japanese matting; coarse and fine filter sponges; bio surface elements) and 2 flow through regulating partition walls. Included in the package is a high performance filter pump with 4mm filter slots, 3mts 3/4" hose and all the fittings.

German Engineering.

2 year guarantee.

  • Specs.
  • MultiClear Set 5000
  • Filter size 385x285x370mm
  • Pump 1500lph
  • UVC 7w
  • Pond size 2500-5000lts (depending on fish stocks)
  • MultiClear Set 8000
  • Filter size 385x285x450mm
  • Pump 2500lph
  • UVC 11w
  • Pond size 4000-8000lts (depending on fish stocks)

MultiClear Sets

MultiClear Set 5000

Rock Bottom Price: £99.99

MultiClear Set 8000

Rock Bottom Price: £119.99

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