Pond Treatments

We have a large selection of pond treatments at Rock bottom Aquatics.
We have pond medicines for white spot, ulcers, parasites and bacterial infections. There are also general tonics and salts which act in the background as preventative treatments.
If you have a new pond or filter it would be a good idea to use a product such as Interpets Bio Start which helps kick-start your filtration. You will also need to remove the chlorine in the tap water before adding fish, there are several products for this - Pond Tap Water Conditioner.
For cloudy ponds use Interpets Clear Pond.
There are different types of algae that inhabit your pond, waterborne, blanketweed and duckweed. There are also several products to control these - Pond Algae Treatments. If you use any of these products it would be advisable to use Interpets Sludge Buster afterwards, as it consumes the sludge(dead algae) that has developed at the bottom of the pond.
Finally we have a selection of pond test kits to keep a check on your water quality thus allowing you to act early on problems and avoid unwanted fish health problems.

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