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Spring is the season to give your pond a 'Spring' clean.
As the water begins to warm it is now time to start removing leaf litter and debris accumulated over winter. Allowing debris and detritus to accumulate at the bottom of the fish pond will invariably lead to future problems with the water quality and also be detrimental to the health of the fish.
Using a Pond Vac is the easiest way to clean the bottom of your fish pond.

Pond Vacs work exactly in the same way that household vacuum cleaners work removing dirt and grit from the carpets and flooring but instead of the suction being created from the air flow, the water is pulled through the vacuum sucking up the debris as well. Pond vacs create the suction by means of a pump that works in the same manner as the water pump connected to your fish pond filter.

The remaining sludge from your pond makes great fertiliser for your garden, it is full of nitrogen based compounds and the plants will love it.

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