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Pond One - ClearTec UVC Filter

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Oase - Bitron C Ultra Violet Light

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UV Tube - Double Ended

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UV Tube - Single Ended

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Clear that green water with an Ultra Violet Light.

An Ultra Violet light (UV) is a light that emits ultra violet rays. They are used in ponds to control algae that turn water green. The algae that turns water green is microscopic and as it passes over the UV light it is killed and trapped in the filter. It is recommended to use a Biological Pond Filter in conjuction with a UV light because the UV light does not perform any biological filtration and will not stop the build up of toxic substances in the way a biological filter will. The filter will also catch the dead algae that would otherwise turn into sludge at the bottom of the pond.
Most UV bulbs have an operating life of around 6-12 months so you should change them each year. The bulbs will still be shining after this time but they will have no UV effectively and will therefore not be controlling algae. A good time to replace you UV bulb would be Spring at the start of the pond season.

The size of U.V. required is not just down to the size of your pond, other factors such as ammount of daily sunlight and fish stocks have to be considered. The larger the quantity of each of these the bigger the U.V. required.

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