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Oase - Aquamax Eco Classic Pond Pump

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Hozelock - Cascade Pond Pump

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Pontec - Pond Vario Pond Pump

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Hozelock - Low Voltage Pump *FREE GIFT*

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All our pond pumps are proven in the water garden market. We have pond pumps of all sizes for all locations. Choosing the right pond pump is essential for maintaining a healthy vibrant pond. A pond pump supplies water movement, which aids oxygenation, essential for keeping the pond healthy. It is also used to power a filter, which in turn breaks down the natural waste produced by fish and plants and prevents the pond from becoming polluted. A pond pump is also required to power fountains and waterfalls.
Ponds require water movement to maintain a healthy, well-balanced pond or to create an impressive water feature. Moving water can offer benefits to any type of water feature in the form of recirculation, aeration, and ornamentation. The best way to move water in a pond is by installing a pond pump. Even if your pond is solely ornamental, a pond pump will be required to prevent stagnation, inhibit algae growth, inhibit insect pests, and to power a decorative water display. Stagnant water tends to have a distinctive, unpleasant scent, which is generally undesirable for an ornamental pond. Streams, waterfalls, fountains, and spitters all require a pond pump.
Pond pumps are designed to run continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have a lower power consumption than pool or sump pumps, are compact and submersible. Other pumps may be cheaper to buy, but pond pumps will save you money in the long term. Pond pumps have a very low power consumption and therefore are more economical to run.
Pond pumps require maintenance and cleaning from time to time depending on the water quality. Pumps with pre filters will require more maintenance as the filters do clog up easily and restrict the performance of the pump. Most pond pumps have done away with pre filters and gone over to the cage design like the Hozelock Aquafoce or the Pontec Pondomax Eco.
The best hose to use is Black Flexi hose which is a black corrugated, flexible, non kink hose which comes in a range of sizes from 13mm through to 40mm.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right pond pump:

- A typical fountain jet will require 1000-1300 lph flow.

- For a waterfall 1300 lph(at the maximum height/head) will give a 15cm width waterfall.

- When using a filter the capacity of the pond should pass through the filter once every 2 hours. e.g. a 1000 lt pond requires a pump with a flow rate of 500 lts per hour, at the height of the filter above the surface of the pond.

- When pumping through hose pipework always allow an extra 25% flow rate for loss of flow through pipework and fittings.

Add all these quantities together and it should give you the size of pond pump you need.

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