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Betta - 5kg Pond Fish Food

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Tetra - Tetra Floating Foodsticks

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Tetra - Floating Koi Sticks

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Nishikoi - Wheatgerm Pellet

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Tetra - Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks

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In their natural environment most fish consume a wide variety of foods, such as algae, plants, crustaceans, insects, and other fish. This ensures they receive a balanced diet, which needs to be replicated in your pond to keep them healthy. Feeding your fish a good quality Pond food is important because it keeps the fish in good condition, with a strong immune system and excellent colouration. It reduces the amount of solid and dissolved waste your fish produce, helping to maintain clear, healthy water. By reducing waste, it makes looking after the pond easier, as less cleaning is needed. By reducing the build-up of dissolved nutrients, it helps with controlling algae.

Different fish have different nutritional requirements. Most new pond owners begin by feeding a staple food to their
fish. Staple foods have been formulated for a wide range of species. This means you can be confident that they will provide them with an excellent allround diet, suitable for feeding for much of the year. If you have a mixture of fish in your pond, a staple food such as TetraPond Floating Foodsticks is an excellent choice.
Flake food is ideal for small pond fish that may find sticks or pellets too large.
Increasingly popular in garden ponds, Sterlets and Sturgeon have very specific nutritional requirements. For example, they are intolerant of the high carbohydrate levels in most pond foods, and require more protein and energy. In addition they prefer a sinking diet, as this more closely matches their natural feeding behaviour. If you keep Sterlets or Sturgeon in your pond, it is essential to feed them the correct pond food, TetraPond Sterlet Sticks or Nishikoi Sinking Pellets are ideal to keep them in good condition. These contain the correct balance of nutrients, in a sinking format that is easy for Sterlets to eat.
Koi are a popular and striking addition to larger ponds, thanks to their beautiful colours and patterns. To ensure they display their full natural colouration, and remain in good condition, it is beneficial to feed them, a properly formulated diet. A quality food such as TetraPond Koi Sticks contains additional quantities of high quality carotenoids, which promote and intensify natural colours. In addition, they have been exclusively tested on koi, to ensure they deliver just the right combination of nutrients for health and condition.

Winter Feeding.
As temperatures fall in the autumn, fish become less active and their appetite decreases. In addition, they find it more difficult to digest ordinary pond foods. However, during days when they are active, it is still important to feed them. This ensures their energy reserves are maintained, keeping them in better condition for the winter and following spring. Wheatgerm Sticks are specially formulated for winter feeding, containing high levels of wheatgerm which is well digested at low temperatures. It is also richer in fibre, which aids the passage of food through the digestive system. Regardless of their normal diet, pond fish should be fed exclusively Wheatgerm once the temperature falls to around 10˚C.

The amount of food your fish need depends on the temperature of the water. Therefore, you should observe your fish feeding and adjust accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to only feed what they can consume within 3-4 minutes at any one time.

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