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Oasis - Clear Pond 3 Stage Biological & UV Filter

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Blagdon - Midipond Filter and Spare Foam Pads

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Oasis - Green Genie Pond Filter

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Hozelock - Ecocel Pond Filter *FREE GIFT*

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Hozelock - Ecopower Plus Pond Filter *FREE GIFT*

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Hozelock - Bioforce Revolution UVC Filter

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Oase - Filtoclear Pond Filter

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Oase - BIOsys Set 3 & 4

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Foam Set

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Filtration in a pond is essential for removing debris and toxic substances created by fish waste, food and decaying plants. A pond filter will also increase water movement and help to oxygenate your pond.
Pond pollutants are introduced via an accumulation of solids settling at the bottom. These can be categorised into two groups:

1. Fish waste products - faeces, ammonia, dissolved carbon dioxide, etc.
2.. Decaying vegetation and uneaten fish food.
The solids quickly dissolve into the pond producing harmful bi-products, which are hazardous to fish health and may cause the water to become cloudy. Sunlight encourages algae, which makes the pond water green. Filters such as the Green Genie Biological Filter and Ultra Violet Steriliser are designed to provide clean, clear water.
The Biological effect ensures that the pond water is kept free of pollutants that can kill fish and plant life.
The UV Light kills algae and harmful bacteria thereby making the pond water clear.
Mechanical filtration simply means the removal of the solids and prevention of their return to the pond. This is achieved by passing the water over layers, or layer of foam in the bio-filter.
Biological purification is achieved by colonising the plastic filter medium with 'friendly' bacteria and microorganisms
which, when mature, digest pollutants thus neutralising harmful ammonia and nitrates.
UV Sterilisation occurs when the UV light penetrates the water as the water passes through the water chamber. It kills the algae and harmful bacteria thereby making the pond water clear.

The efficiency of the pond filter depends on the foam and the filter medium being colonised. The filter foams should not be cleaned unless water is passing down the overfiow pipe. Usually only the top layer needs to be cleaned. Remove and shake clean whilst hosing with clean water. The plastic filter medium should rarely be cleaned: however it can be removed to facilitate the removal of silt from the bottom of the filter box. Please note that the foam should be replaced every year.
Routine replacement of the UV tube is recommended no later than 8000 hours, or 12 months, whichever is sooner. Spring is a good time of year to replace.
When installing your pond filter, remember that pets and wildlife often damage cable, so it is advisable to run your cable through a length of hose and protect the connectors with an arrangement of rocks or bricks.

There are various styles of pond filters to choose from. Pressurised filters offer a discreet filter that can be sunk into the ground. The traditional box style pond filter comes in many sizes. Both the pressurised and box filter can be bought complete with a Ultra Violet light to clear algae (a wise investment as most people suffer from green pond water at some stage). The Oase BIOsys Sets offer the full set up of quality Filter, Pump and U.V.

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