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At Rock Bottom Aquatics we have over 20 years experience in supplying pond equipment to create the perfect pond, no matter what size.
All the pond liners we sell are excellent quality and come with lifetime guarantees. We cut them of the roll to get you the closest size to which you require with minimum wastage to keep costs down.
When you have fitted your pond liner you will probably need a pump and filter. Pond pumps come in many sizes and an important thing to remember when choosing a pump is that the greater the vertical distance between the pump and filter the less flow you will have. Your pump needs to filter about half your pond water per hour. If you are unsure which size of pond pump you require you can email or telephone for advice.
Pond filters also come in many different sizes. Unlike pumps were you need the right size for the amount of water, with a filter 'bigger is always better'. Most filters come with UV lights these days and we would always recomend buying a filter with an integral UV. The UV light will kill waterborne algae, eliminating green water. When choosing a filter there are a few things to consider. Amount of water, depth of water, amount of sunlight, quantity of fish. For example you will need a bigger Filter/UVC if you have a shallow pond, large fish stocks and a lot of sun.
For smaller ponds we sell combined pump, filter and UVC's like the Hozelock Easyclear. The whole unit goes directly into the pond, simple but effective. If you already have a pond filter but no UV, you can also buy these as seperate units which can be inserted before your filter.
Now you have the pond essentials, pond liner, pond pump and filter there are other products you may wish to consider. Pond air pumps, these are important in keeping up oxygen levels in your pond especially in summer (when it rains!) and oxygen levels become depleted. If your fish are gasping at the surface get an air pump.
Blanket Weed!! You might be lucky and avoid this, but if not we have the Blagdon and Velda blanketweed controllers.
Pond vacs are not essential straight away but over time your pond will get a build up of rotting vegetation, debris and silt on the bottom of your pond. If left unchecked this could lead to possible water quality problems so it is a good idea to remove this and the easiest way is with a pond vac.
On a final note don't forget you will need pond hose, clips etc. and maybe switches to connect everything up.
I hope this information will help you create your perfect pond and if you need anymore help please do't hesitate to get in touch.

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