Pond One ClearTec UVC Filter

ClearTec from Pond One is the latest in pond ultra violet clarifiers. Keeping it functional, simple and easy to install.

2 year guarantee.

If you have a pond that gets a lot of sun, is shallow or has large fish stocks you should go for a bigger UVC. If you are unsure what size contact us for advice

  • ClearTec UVC
  • Ultra Violet Clarifier destroys green algae
  • Robust construction for long life
  • UV resistant plastics used
  • Environmentally safe
  • High output PL lamp technology
  • 10mts of cable
  • Multiple hose connections
  • Can be mounted on wall or on the filter box
  • Outlet can be rotated to adjust to local set up requirements

ClearTec UVC Filter

5w UVC - Ponds up to 3000lts

MRP: £57.95Rock Bottom Price: £49.99 You save £7.96

9w UVC - Ponds 3000lts to 6000lts

MRP: £64.95Rock Bottom Price: £59.99 You save £4.96

11w UVC - Ponds 6000lts to 12000lts

MRP: £78.95Rock Bottom Price: £69.99 You save £8.96

18w UVC - Ponds 9000lts to 18000lts

MRP: £95.95Rock Bottom Price: £89.99 You save £5.96

36w UVC - Ponds 15000 to 30000lts

MRP: £122.95Rock Bottom Price: £109.99 You save £12.96

55w VELDA UVC - Ponds up to 75000lts

MRP: £147.95Rock Bottom Price: £129.99 You save £17.96

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