Oasis Clear Pond 3 Stage Biological & UV Filter

The Clear Pond Filter comes in three sizes providing clarity & purity of water. This is an advanced 3 stage pond filter with high powered U.V.C and quick action back flush (De-Sludge) system that is normally only found on more expensive filters.

  • Multi Chambered Design - Including filter brushes to remove physical waste.
  • Combined UVC - All Clear Pond models come with a high powered UVC to eliminate green water.
  • Biological Filtration - Filter foam and Flocor create a mass area for benificial bacteria, which breakdown harmfull toxins.
  • Back Flush - A simple way to remove sludge and silt build up from the filter. Top in Top out - Can be partly buried. Creates a Clean, Clear, Healthy Pond.

Photo's show Clear Pond 18 & 25. The outlet on these filters is 50mm (2"). The necessary pipe work and fittings can be found on the link below or in 'Hose and Connectors'. The inlet is a stepped hose tail 19mm(3/4"), 25mm(1"), 32mm(11/4"), 38mm(11/2").

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  • Specs:
  • Clear Pond 18
  • Max 15000lts (3300 gal) 18w UV 1 outlet
  • Size: H=40cm W=46cm D=32cm aprox.
  • Clear Pond 25
  • Max 25000lts (5500 gal) 25w UV 2 outlet
  • Size: H=40cm W=55cm D=42cm aprox.
  • Clear Pond 50
  • Max 40000lts (8800 gal) 50w UV 2 outlets
  • Size: H=50cm W=65cm D=47cm aprox.
  • Clear Pond 80
  • Max 50000lts (11000) 80w UV 2 outlets
  • Size: H=60cm W=75cm D=55cm aprox.

Clear Pond 3 Stage Biological & UV Filter

Clear Pond 18

MRP: £189.99Rock Bottom Price: £129.99 You save £60.00

Clear Pond 25

MRP: £269.99Rock Bottom Price: £195.99 You save £74.00

Clear Pond 50

MRP: £389.99Rock Bottom Price: £295.99 You save £94.00

Clear Pond 80

MRP: £499.99Rock Bottom Price: £365.99 You save £134.00

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