Oase BIOsys Set 3 & 4

Scientifically tested complete filter systems for effective cleaning of ponds of different sizes. Consisting of a Biotec mechanical-biological filter, a Bitron UV Clarifier and an Aquamax filter pump.Whether due to a new design interest or increased fish stock levels, most ponds will be changed and adapted several times. With BIOsys you have a filtration system that consists of various components and performance classes, which can be modularly extended without complex construction work. OASE has put sets together for you to ensure a successful introduction.

BIOsys Set 3 & 4

BIOsys Set 3 36w UV Biotec 12 Screenmatic Bitron 36c Aquamax 12000 Ponds upto 40000lts

MRP: £1528.99Rock Bottom Price: £929.99 You save £599.00

BIOsys Set 4 55w UV Biotec 18 Screenmatic Bitron 55c Aquamax 16000 Ponds upto 50000lts

MRP: £1654.99Rock Bottom Price: £999.99 You save £655.00

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