NTLABS Gleam - Water Feature Cleaning Tablets

Gleam Water Feature Cleaning Tablets, remove unsightly stains, dirt, grime, limescale and other marks from water features to help make your water feature sparkle like new.

On application, follow the easy to use instructions. 
Please note, this product should NOT be used while fish are swimming around the water feature. Remove fish and then clean the water feature. Once the water feature is clean, perform a water change add Pond Aquasure (Tap Water Chlorine Remover) then re-introduce the fish to the new water. 1 tablet treats 20 litres of water. Soak the feature for 24 hours, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of fresh water.

  • Contains 10 Tablets
  • Cleans Water Features Effortlessly
  • Fast Acting

Gleam - Water Feature Cleaning Tablets

Rock Bottom Price: £6.99

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