Innotec Innotec Adheseal Liner Adhesive 50ml

Adheseal is a strong adhesive hybrid sealant especially suited for sealing or bonding seams and joints, even on wet surfaces or underwater. Free from solvents and isocyanates. It will not shrink crack or tear. Fast curing. Applications : Rubber, PVC, Plastics, Metal, Glass, Marble, Wood, Natural Stone and many, many more. It is ideal for sticking a patch onto a damaged pond liner. If you would like us to supply you with a liner patch free of charge when you order the adhesive, send us an email.

If you are not sure what size of pond liner you require, you can use our handy pond liner calculator below:

    Width: Length: Depth:
Required metric size is METRES by METRES
Required imperial size is FEET by FEET


Innotec Adheseal Liner Adhesive 50ml

Rock Bottom Price: £10.99

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