Hozelock Easyclear Small, Medium & Large *FREE GIFT*

The Easyclear is placed directly into the pond and contains all the elements needed to keep your pond clear and healthy, it has a Ultra violet clarifier and Biological filter. The medium and large also have an outlet to run a waterfall or water feature as well as a fountain.

  • Features include:
  • High performance pump with low running costs and long life.
  • Foam filters for clear water.
  • Kaldness Biological filtration.
  • Ultra Violet Clarifier to eliminate green water caused by algae.
  • Adjustable Fountain and/or Waterfall.
  • Fountain stem extension pipe - 4 pieces 75mm each.
  • 3 Fountain Heads - 2-Tier, 3-Tier & Bell.
  • 10mts cable.
  • Requires 25mm/1" Hose for outlets ie waterfall.
  • 3 year guarantee.


Easyclear 3000 Small - Pond upto 3000lts (left picture) Power Consumption 25w / UV 5w Max - Flow 1260lph /  Fountain Height 0.7m / Waterfall Height 0.5m

Easyclear 6000 Medium - Pond upto 6000lts Power Consumption 40w / UV 9w Max - Flow 1700lph / Fountain Height 1.6m / Waterfall Height 0.6m

Easyclear 9000 Large - Pond upto 9000lts Power Consumption 55w / UV 13w Max - Flow 2850lph / Fountain Height 1.9m / Waterfall Height 0.6m

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Easyclear Small, Medium & Large *FREE GIFT*

Easyclear 3000 3in1 (Small)

MRP: £149.99Rock Bottom Price: £89.99 You save £60.00  

Easyclear 6000 4in1 (Medium)

MRP: £199.99Rock Bottom Price: £119.99 You save £80.00  

Easyclear 9000 4in1 (Large)

MRP: £239.99Rock Bottom Price: £149.99 You save £90.00  

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