Exo Terra Rock Outcrop

Exo Terra Rock Outcrops help create a more 3-dimensional habitat in all types of terrariums. The shape of these Rock Outcrops enables them to fit nicely in small spaces, minimizing wasted space within the terrarium and generating basking areas closer to the top screen. The multiple entrance holes turn this Rock Outcrop into a secure hiding space, preventing stress.
  • Rock Outcrops
  • Creates a more 3-dimensional terrarium habitat
  • Provides a basking area closer to spot lamps and UV bulbs
  • Extremely realistic rock look
  • Multi entrance hide out prevents stress
  • Very stable design
  • Easy to clean

Rock Outcrop

Medium Rock Outcrop - Aprox. 245 x 140 x 220 mm

MRP: £14.19Rock Bottom Price: £12.99 You save £1.20

Large Rock Outcrop - Aprox. 315 x 195 x 260 mm

MRP: £19.60Rock Bottom Price: £17.99 You save £1.61

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