Blagdon Midipond Filter and Spare Foam Pads

The Blagdon Midipond Filter MPF10000 for ponds upto 10,000 litres. This filter offers a sophisticated, professional pond technology in a flexible easy to use package. The unique seven stage filtration process has been specially created to provide a beautifully clear and healthy pond, with a minimum of maintenance.

  • The Midipond Filter incorporates the next generation of filter technology:
  • NEW - High output power compact T5 18w UV lamp for an algae free pond.
  • NEW - Venturi fed aeration chamber.
  • NEW - Stainless steel hydroscreen filter.
  • NEW - Blagdon professional ceramic Bio Media.
  • NEW - High-flow - Four Outlets (can use 2,3 or 4 outlets).
  • An excellent combined Biological and UV filter at a fantastic price!

Midipond Filter and Spare Foam Pads

MPF10000 18w UV

MRP: £406.99Rock Bottom Price: £169.99 You save £237.00

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