Aquarium Filtration

Aqua One - Aquis Advance Series II Canister Filter

Photo of Aquis Advance Series II Canister Filter

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Interpet - Internal Power Filter PF Mini 5-40lts

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Interpet - Internal Power Filter

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Algarde - Under-Gravel Filter

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Juwel - Fine Sponge

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From £3.99

Juwel - Filter Wool

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From £2.50

Aquarium Filtration in essential for removing harmfull toxins created by fish waste. Our range includes Internal and External Filters aswell as Undergravel filters.

Internal Filters such as the Interpet PF range are popular because they are quiet, reliable and inexpensive. Internal filters typically contain a sponge for both mechanical and biological filtration, some models may have two sponges for alternate cleaning, thus retaining some of the good bacteria, meaning easy replacement of one without losing your main biological filter.Other features may include an adjustable nozzle direction, adjustable flow and other media like carbon filtration or a disposable polyester pad for extra filtration.

External filters such as the Aqua One Aquis range are large, powerful filters that offer superior filtration to the Internal filters. They work well on messy tanks, working like a permanent siphon, sucking up fish and plant waste as soon as it is produced. Although external filters are large in size they can be fitted discretely in the cabinet underneath the tank, and can be virtually silent when operating.

To summerise, Internal filters are cheaper than External filters but cannot cleanse the water in the same way. For a small to medium aquarium with average fish stocks an Internal filter would be adequate. For a larger aquarium or high fish stocks it would be worth investing in a superior external filter.

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