Aquarium Air Pumps

Interpet - Aquarium Air Pump

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Tetra - Tec Air Pump

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Interpet - Flexible Air Wall

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Pennplax - Deluxe Bubble Disc

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Interpet - Airstone

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Air Line - Silicon

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Aquarium air pumps can be used to add essential oxygen to your aquarium or run an undergravel filter/ornament. Different air patterns can be created by adding Bubble Walls, Discs, Air Ornaments etc.

Water with low oxygen content is more common and dangerous to aquarium inhabitants than often realized. The use of aeration devices like air pumps and airstones are an easy and effective way to replenish and maintain healthy oxygen levels.

A constant supply of fresh oxygen allows efficient biological filtration to take place without depleting oxygen fish need to breathe. Aeration devices also promote proper gas exchange and reduce buildup of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide. They also maintain a stable pH by counteracting the pH-lowering effects of carbon dioxide.

In a nutshell, buy an airpump for your aquarium, the fish will appreciate it.

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